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children's sports races






Knockout Roadshow teams in action






6 - 10 people per team (minimum height 1 meter/ 3ft 3ins)


Contestants are lined up for a team relay race through foam-filled tunnels. Warning! This game is Seriously Funny! 
The Wedge
Shaped like a big lump of cheese, contestants must climb up a rope on one side and slide down the other in groups of three to gain pole position for the game which then involves rolling balls from one huge pipe to another. The team with the most balls winner!
The Equaliser
A game of skill and co-ordination. Contestants must complete the course with a giant ball on their head to get a piece of giant bacon, cheese, onion, tomato, etc. The team with the most appealing pizza is the winner.
Also known as 'The Mangle', contestants must make their way across the inflatable overcoming obstacles to transfer water through a series of pipes. Itís a laugh a minute and not as easy as it looks! 
Slip and Slide Elephants
Contestants trot to the top of the mat and exchange wellies. The team member on the bungee rope, after swapping the full welly, must sit down and be pulled back on the mat for a refill.
Two team members will be at the elephant, one swapping a full wellington for an empty wellington, the other team membertransfers water from their bucket into the elephants trunk using a sponge.Team work and co-ordination are required to complete this game. More water, more points.
Quoit Slippy
Normally the last game as contestants will get very wet; contestants must quickly cross the pool to throw quoits over the peg boards. The first team to score six wins the game.
Tug of War

Equal numbers of team members will pull as hard as they can to win the game.
Sacks of Fun
Contestants set off in groups of six, the first to cross the finish line scores a point in this round. Exciting and Very Funny! 
Bouncy Basketball 
A speed game where contestantís race down the lanes in groups of three... The first to score a basket scores a point in that round. An all time favourite game on the circuit.
This game involves going under an inflatable cargo net and then testing your skill throwing large hooplaís over inflated wobbly airmen. The first team to score six wins.
Wet and Wild
Contestants transfer water through a series of pipes. Yes, a lot of water seeps everywhere. Once the team fill their container a duck appears. The first team to get their hands on the duck are the winners.


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