Now that all the animals are well and truly put to bed after Caton Gala 2015 we start to look towards Caton Gala 2016!. If you have any ideas about developing the Gala now is the time to get involved. Drop us a line via the 'Get In Touch' page and let us know what YOU want to see at YOUR Gala. If you'd like to be involved in the planning, setting up or just be a pair of helping hands on the day let us know - we always need volunteers!.
In the meantime take a look through the Galleries from this years Gala and listen again to The Bay Radio Interviews
Finally, we'd all like to say a maassive THANKYOU to everyone involved in making Caton Gala 2015 the wonderful day it was - see you in 2016!

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Caton Gala 2015 Galleries

Setting up the Gala field - it really does take a huge effort, see for yourself! - Gallery

All things procession - will you be in here next year? -

The Gala Queen and her Attendants -

On and Around the field -

Images from the Bike Show - time to get in the shed for next year! -

Listen again to The Bay Radio interviews.......

Inflatable pubs & custom crafts

Cats & Dogs!

More crafts...

Kilimanjaro at the Gala!

Tombola antics!

The Windmill Race!

Do you have some ideas for the Gala, would you like to help on the day or be invloved in someway? Whatever your question use the links below to contact the commitee members at the Gala or pop along to one of our meetings which are held at The Station Hotel, Caton at 20:00 on the first Wednesday of each month

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