Saturday 11th June 2016

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.....
As 2016 celebrates, amongst many others, the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter
and the 100th Anniversary of Roald Dahl's birth the theme for Caton Gala 2016 was decided ........

So now is the time to get your thinking caps on from Peter Pan to Peter Rabbit, from The BFG to Snow White whether you choose to come as your favourite character or plan a float around a whole story you have plenty of choices!!

If you would like to know more and get involved you can come join us at the monthly meeting, keep your eye on The Link or our Facebook page for more details and information in the coming the months

Use the links below to access archived images and audio from years gone by

Do you have some ideas for the Gala, would you like to help on the day or be invloved in someway? Whatever your question use the links below to contact the commitee members at the Gala or pop along to one of our meetings which are held at The Station Hotel, Caton at 20:00 on the first Wednesday of each month

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